Social Media Can Bring Us Entertainment Essay

Social Media Can Bring Us Entertainment Essay

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What is the idea of social media? Today we are constantly posting up everything we see in the world or sharing how was our day; good or bad? Social media gives us countless of information to explore more than what we are surrounded by, but can it actually break us apart with what is real? In today’s society we live in a world where we are constantly connected in the social media world at times it could actually disconnect us from the real world and miss what we are surrounded by; and at times can bring us together. Social media has become something that we have become extremely addictive to and it causing us to disconnect with what is really going on, the human nature to have a real conversation face to face. Media can bring us entertainment, resources that can help us investigate what we need, and connect us to people, although social media can cause an emotional change where us humans are becoming less human and letting the media get our heads and forget to be in the outside world.
Social media can expand us digitally places that we haven’t seen before. (Good topic sentence) Nowadays most people post up on how their day was going, gossip, or just random feelings, but other people get the idea as if they were with them. In the article “I’m So Totally, Digitally, Close to You” Thompson interview someone and she said, “It’s like I can distantly read everyone’s mind… I love that. I feel like I’m getting to something raw about my friends. It’s like I’ve got this heads-up display for them.” (page 586 Thompson) (do not write PAGE when you site, just pg# and author) The media such as Twitter, and Facebook gives you this freedom to feel what your friends are feeling, or catch up on what are they doing. Media gives you a variety of ways ...

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...o just catch up and meet up in person. We just use our phones and think that it is better. It because we are lazy, we have become so use to the fact that we have all these easy access to get in contact with a lost friend or relative we believe that its easier that way. We block the way we feel because we think social media is enough communication, when it really is just covering up all of our emotions.
Social media gives of the disadvantages to see more, we forget to actually enjoy. We have turn social media into our diary were mostly the whole world to see our emotions are no longer connected; we are all over the place with our emotions. We are letting the media disconnect us from the real world because sooner or later we are no longer going to social interact, what we are going to do is just depend on technology, and this is something just cannot go on any further.

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