Social Media As A Communication Tool Essay

Social Media As A Communication Tool Essay

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II. Highlights/Findings from The Literature Review
To get a better understanding of what social media is, it is necessary to understand what the purpose of social media serves. Anne Osterrieder, author of “The value and use of social media as a communication tool in the plant sciences.”, breaks down the core concept of what social media stands for. “The core principle of social media is the ability to share content with others, (Osterrieder)”. We as a society that thrives on communication, love the ability to share and talk about information and gossip nonstop. It is a part of our human desire to connect with other people that share similar preferences, and being a part of a group or a society that share the same preference, helps that community grow. Through this process of growth, benefits began to arise from this platform, which seem to demonstrate marketing opportunities and possible celebrity status.
Information collected from Hub Spot, a multimedia site that focuses around marketing and sales tactic, around the year of 2014, demonstrated through the process social media, that businesses and marketers were using the platform to promote exposure for their sale brands. Through this tactics, businesses started to become more interested with this new platform and would start promoting brands for exposure, which in turn start gaining more and more attractive to their company’s products. Eventually, the social media platform became the new marketing outlet in which companies could increase brand recognition, decrease marketing production and provide customers with a richer experience by connecting and building relationship through social media. With the progress of social media gaining attraction from business and large companie...

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...y “The benefits of Facebook “friends”: Social capital and college students’ use of online social networks sites” provides that within college communities they have been able to integrate students into college community by promoting social events that are happing on the campus and engage students to create social ties (Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, 2007). Within the structure of psychological health, research has noted that reports from studies have noticed the user who are of young are, tend to have an increased self-esteem and well-being based around the positive feedback that is received on social media sites (Valkenburg, Peter, & Schouten, 2006). No what media you are presented with, there will always be positive and negative effects that are applied towards its use. The important piece of information relies on how the information should be handled and analyzed.

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