Social Media And Web Sharing Essay

Social Media And Web Sharing Essay

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Social media and other online tools have connected people all over the world and allowed them to share, create, and spend time with others in more ways than ever before, regardless of distance. Social media and other similar online sharing tools were created so that people could have conversations, share pictures, videos, music, join communities, connect with friends and family, and form new relationships. Everything from sending messages to online games and chat rooms have been able to connect family members and friends from the comfort of each’s own living rooms, even if they are on separate ends of the globe. Aside from all of the benefits, bullying has become more common, in person face to face interactions have decreased, and some behaviors and attitudes have changed in negative ways. But overall social media, web sharing, and similar trends positives like communication, sharing, and the ability to spend time with others at any time heavily outweigh any negatives.
Social media and web sharing are a new age technology and have an interesting history. “The first social network site launched in 1997 and was called” (2007). It was the first site to allow its users to create their own profiles, add and list their friends, and search others friends lists. It was the considered one of the first tools to help people connect and send messages to others. After a small success and the rise and fall of other social sites, Facebook began in 2004. It started as a site originally for college users at Harvard. As it began to increase in popularity, It than began to support other colleges and eventually went mainstream. Millions of users started to join, and as they did, Facebook changed to meet the needs of its users. “Faceb...

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...attributes to be enjoyed.
All in all, Social media and its similar trends are not entirely perfect, but the benefits heavily outweigh its negatives. Allowing anyone to communicate and share with anyone at any time is the most convenient perk about social media. People can talk with their friends and family and always be in touch, even if they are on opposite ends of the globe. The ability to create and share content with the world allows users to entertain and inform people, even if they have never met in person, keeping the world a very informative place. And finally, social media gives users a place to hang out at the end of a busy day, to interact and enjoy someone else’s company from the comfort of their own living rooms. So despite the negatives social media and its similar trends might have, these tools are a huge benefit to anyone and everyone who uses them.

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