Social Media And The Internet Essay

Social Media And The Internet Essay

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Social Media
Since its inception, the Internet has become a place where businesses can tailor their messages to fit the expectations and desires of consumers and those messages can be sent to a mass of people at the drop of a hat. W. Glynn Mangold and David J. Faulds (2009) argue the Internet is now one of the top sources for media at home and at work, reaching more than half of the people in the United States. Additionally, the internet has caused people to turn away from traditional streams of advertising in the form of radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. Instead, consumers want immediate and convenient access to desired information.
Today, consumers view social media as a reliable source of information and businesses are aware that people are turning to this newer form of advertising for their purchasing decisions. Because of this, businesses are beginning to learn how to gear their advertising towards social media platforms and the different restrictions and benefits that can be found on each of them (Mangold & Faulds, 2009).

Social Media as a Social Tool
The Internet, and to a much larger extent, social media has changed the way that people conduct business, talk to one another, and network in their daily lives. Sisira Neti (2011) stated that the world becomes more of a global place, social media allows people to remain in contact with friends and family and meet other people they would’ve normally never had a chance to meet as physical boundaries and distances do not come into play when speaking to people through social media platforms (Neti, 2011).
Additionally, social media has opened up a number of ways that people can communicate with one another that may not have been possible in the past. Trisha Dowerah B...

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Additionally, it is worth keeping in mind that content creation can now be performed by almost everyone and therefore, students should be aware that not everything that is posted on social media will be true, Livingstone argued (2004). This becomes more difficult as even amateur users of social media are becoming more tech savvy and able to produce content that looks like something that professionals could have done (Livingstone, 2004).
One key for young people to become more literate users of social media is for them to be more critical of the information that they are processing and the information that the companies are putting out. McNeal (2015) argued young people should be willing to choose the content or quality of a product over a brand’s ability to market itself and give off the appearance that buying into that product would be a worthwhile purchase.

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