Social Media And The Admissions Process Essay

Social Media And The Admissions Process Essay

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In this new age of social media and sharing information controlling who can observe your online presence becomes difficult. With increasing frequency acquaintances, employers, and colleges are turning to social media to better see what a person is really like. Searching social media platforms for additional information on applicants to schools and jobs is becoming a standard step in the college admissions process. When it comes to this step most will readily agree that there are benefits, including a more comprehensive image of an applicant. This agreement ends, however, with the question of whether or not looking at social media sites such as Facebook is ethical. When taking all arguments into account the one in favor of colleges considering social media in the admissions process is more persuasive as the benefits from gaining the additional information would improve the college process and steps can be taken to maintain a fair procedure.
The ethics of using sites like Facebook to learn more about college applicants is complicated. Many believe that colleges’ use of information from social media is a breach of privacy. They believe that students should not have their social media accounts accessed in the admission process. These individuals argue that colleges should acknowledge and respect that they are not the intended audience for online profiles. Because students do not keep admission offices in mind when posting to social media, the personality they exhibit could be inaccurate. A student, angry at a teacher for a bad grade, might write a rude tweet about the teacher. To colleges this makes the student appear disrespectful when the student was simply upset. Many students also forget that photos they are tagged in can be s...

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...cate and express themselves.
In discussions of social media as criteria for acceptance, the ethics are controversial. On one hand many argue that the entire practice is immoral and should not be allowed. Others maintain that it simply is unfair to judge applicants based on internet profiles. However, with the Internet as such a driving force in today’s world everyone should be aware of the relevance and use of social media. Online and offline actions should reflect the same standard of character. One must work to maintain privacy and his or her reputation in both realms. With the increased knowledge social media searches would bring, social aptitude along with traditional academic aptitude for an institution could be measured. It is clear that the ability for colleges and applicants to be better matched and aligned for success far outweighs the rectifiable concerns.

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