Essay on Social Media and Success

Essay on Social Media and Success

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Jim was in class and was having a dilemma. His friend Phil was absent, so he could not help on their project. Their teacher, Mr. William, told Jim to get on Facebook and tell Phil what he was missing. Jim and Phil were neighbors, and Jim could usually tell Phil what he missed, but memorial day weekend was coming up and Jim was heading out of town before he could talk to Phil. “Its great that the school unblocked social networking sites Jim,” said Mr. Williams “ now we can tell absentes what to do for homework so that they are not to far behind when they get back to school. On top of that, Phil can work on his part of your project, so you probably won't fail my class.” While Jim and Phil benefit from social networking in their school, had Phil attended South Western, he would have not known about the project and they would have failed.. Therefore, social media sites should be allowed during the school day at South Western High School because they enhance writing skills and communication skills, facilitates/enables student collaboration and projects and assignments, and provides instant communication between the school and community.
First, social media sites would greatly improve student writing and communication skills. When most students hear the word “essay,” their eyes roll and their minds go blank. The word “essay,” itself frightens students who otherwise feel comfortable with writing. In fact according to some sources,”Teens who enjoy expressing their thoughts and feelings in writing often spend their time blogging, or updating online journals” ("How Online Social Networks are Used"). If students are already writing online, shouldn't teachers be able to use social media instead of boring essays to teach writing? Since teach...

... middle of paper ... media during the school day.

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