Social Media And Social Networking Sites Essay

Social Media And Social Networking Sites Essay

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Social Networking sites
The statistic shows that over three forth of the US population spend over 121.8 billion minutes on social networking monthly including educators and the younger generation are emerging in the digital age (The Statistics Portal, 2015). In other words, social media sites play an essential role in the dynamic environment, including entertaining, informative and statistic research, and communication. Moreover, social media has increasingly attracted not only teenagers but also adults. According to Boyd and Ellison (2007), social networking sites are defined as websites, applications, and online communications channels which help users interact, collaborate, participate, and develop social and professional contacts. With the importance of social networking sites, it is vital for all people to understand how social networking sites affect their daily life, especially for the education system and the future generation. Within the general definition, there are many different types of social media that have infiltrated people’s life, need to be distinguished. This expository essay is written to give general information on six different social media categories (social networks, bookmarking sites, social news, media sharing, micro-blogging, and blog comments and forums), and illustrate reasons how the development of social networking sites influence on people’s lives and community.
Social Media
According to Boyd and Ellison (2007), Truscott and Ellis invented an internet discussion system which allowed users to post their messages publicly in 1979. Ten years later, the term “weblog” was first used in aimed of describing the networking sites, which support internet users write, public, and communica...

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...mbers. Blog comments and forums are different from microblogging because of some reasons. Primarily, microblogging users intentionally update their contents and visitors tends not to comment and reply to these posts. On the other hand, with blog comments and forums, there are various contributors contributing to a specific topic with different perspectives and points of view. Blog comments and forums such as WordPress may support people have a better writing skills because they can spend time to write about their interesting topics, and receive feedbacks immediately from other bloggers with different angles.
These varieties of social networking sites mentioned above are all the effective tools that help people live be better life in terms of interacting, communicating, having more useful information, and updating the latest news in the short time

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