Social Media And Mental Health Promotion Strategies Essay

Social Media And Mental Health Promotion Strategies Essay

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Today social media has become a big part of people’s lives. What people see on social media can influence their opinions and attitudes toward many social topics. Teenagers especially use social networks to gather knowledge about popularly talked about topics going on at the time. One of those topics is mental health. Mental Health has been a widely talked about topic on sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social networks. The effects social media has on teenagers is that they can easily take the information given to them on their favorite social media sites and put it to good use involving the awareness of mental health and helping themselves and others with mental health struggles.
Seeking Information
Social media, and the internet in general, is a place where teenagers seek help with personal issues about mental health and even more. Looking to social media for this kind of help has become very popular explains the people behind the organization In One Voice with the statement that “ The use of social media in mental health promotion strategies is a relatively new phenomenon, but there is some evidence to support its value for engaging youth in learning about symptoms and help-seeking behaviors related to mental health problems” (Livingston, Cianfrone, Korf-Uzan, & Coniglio, 2014, p. 986).
When a teen is struggling with mental health issues it can be scary for them to reach out to family members, a friend, or a school counselor. Social media is a place where teens can seek help all on their own without the fear of being judged or the worry of “bothering” their loved ones with their concerns. Some ways teens find help on their favorite social media site like Twitter is finding other teens, usually strangers, ...

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...e stigma on social media, which will hopefully decline as time goes on.
Social media is a great tool that can contribute to the awareness and productivity of mental health. Many teenagers use their social media account to learn more about the topic and even apply it to their everyday life by taking the information they have gathered and putting it to good use by helping a friend, spreading awareness, or getting rid of the stigmas surrounding mental health. Social media can also help the teenager themselves by being a place where they can research and find other people going through their same type of situation or gain a sense of understanding about mental illness. Social media is not all negativity and judgement; there are many groups and organizations that use it for good when spreading the word about mental health and changing the world for the better.

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