Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On The World 's Largest Number Of Internet

Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On The World 's Largest Number Of Internet

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Social media is a web platform that provide its users to ‘create, share, and exchange their ideas, content, information or photos in computer-mediated groups and communities.’(Ellison,2007) The most well-known social media is Facebook which, according to the report from The Statics Portal, has over 1.4 billion monthly active users and available at many countries, as the table shows.

Recently, according to the Guardian, Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg “has held a rare meeting with China’s propaganda chief amid a crackdown by the Beijing authorities on the use of the internet.” As it was described in the report that “Zuckerberg has long been courting China’s leaders in a so far futile attempt to access the country with the World’s largest number of Internet users—668 million as of last year”, whether it is possible for Facebook can re-enter Chinese market or not? If Facebook really wants to earn a market share in Chinese social media market, what is the biggest problem?
It is important for a company who wants to conduct its business in other countries, especially in a country which has different ideology and regime with the home country.
Chinese economic growth is the most rapid all over the world, as Rooij (2012) and Zhao (2014) describe as ‘a champion of a state-led growth model’. Chinese government legislate many policies regarding economy, such as promoting market reform. In addition, the Chinese economy system, which is called socialist market economy system, is different with most western countries’. Under this system, the Chinese market is not totally free. Therefore, it is obvious that Chinese government give high level of priority to the economy development and the role of enterprise in Ch...

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...fects and values brought to our society should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, Bowen also highlighted the importance of taking social responsibilities is crucial to corporations because that is one important element when guiding the business in the future. In 1960, Davis proposed a clearer view. He found out the relationship between social responsibility and business power. In his view, taking social responsibilities when making decisions can promote the chance of bringing long term economic profits to corporates. It means that the research of CSR was no longer only focusing on the benefits it brings to our society, but also to corporations and communities themselves. After that, he raised a further view that “if social responsibility and power were to be relatively equal, then the avoidance of social responsibility leads to gradual erosion of social power.”

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