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Social Media And Its Impact On The World Essay examples

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In the year of 1971, the very first email was sent and delivered. Since then, the world has seen tremendous advancements in technology and social media. Long distance communication has transformed from hand writing and mailing someone a letter in order to reach him or her, to typing someone a quick text message on a smart phone. These advancements have significantly improved the way the world communicates with one another and has connected lives in ways never thought possible. But at what cost? Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have provided a popular means of communication, but not without the expense of privacy, self-esteem, and a sense of connection. Privacy is an issue for many users of social media sites because it makes personal information available to the public, and anyone is able to access it. Furthermore, browsing sites such as Facebook may lead to low morale, as people begin to measure their self-worth with the amount of “likes” they receive. Ironically, although social media sites boast their ability to connect people, they mainly separate society even more as people become isolated behind their screens. Social media is damaging to a person’s life because it can lower self-esteem, isolate people from real relationships, and cause privacy concerns as marketers, employers, and school officials can view information posted online.
Social media sites make it easy to access and share private information, which allows users to be manipulated by marketers who use this information to present specific advertisements. People who have accounts on websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn often reveal more personal information than intended, making it easy to become careless with posting things online. In t...

... middle of paper ... information is revealed not only to the friends a person adds, but also to marketers who use the information to create personalized advertisements. Employers and school officials also see this information, which may affect an employee or student’s standing. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. may result in low self-esteem ass browsing other people’s pictures can make a person feel inferior and left out. Although social media claims to connect people around the world, it seems to isolate people from their real close relationships as they become consumed in their online world. While on the outside social media may seem like an excellent way to promote communication around the world, many underlying issues seem to countervail the benefits. People need to realize exactly what social media may cost them before they make their accounts and get connected.

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