Social Media And Its Impact Behavior Essay

Social Media And Its Impact Behavior Essay

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People all over the world use social media to connect with one another, but has anyone deeply thought about why? The simple answers are, “I want to stay in touch with my family members” or “I want to keep up with what is happening in the world.” These are all valid responses; however, there is a more profound meaning. All humans need a sense of self-esteem, and the presence of social media gives an easy boost. On the surface this is a positive effect of using social media, but the tendencies behind it are narcissistic. Psychologists need to agree on a conclusion in order to effectively asses how social media impacts behavior. One side of the argument says that social media sites such as, Facebook, provide an accessible platform for communication while the other side claims that these social media sites feed people’s self-absorbed egos.
According to Alex Lambert, using social media is merely for social benefit. He states that using Facebook is nothing more than a human’s desire to maintain relationships between people and a community. Lambert acknowledges that while some use Facebook with narcissistic intentions, most people use it as a communication tool. He believes that the frequency of using social media has little correlation to someone’s narcissism because of its interpersonal nature. Lambert’s point of casual online social exchanges do not go in depth enough about the real intentions of social media use.
Adversely, Soraya Medizadeh believes that social media provides an accessible environment for people to exhibit their narcissistic personalities, creating a negative impact on their lives. Medizadeh herself, created a study where she surveyed 100 college students about their self-esteem and Facebook use. She found that tho...

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...tures about online profiles on these media sites, such as, custom-made profile pages, hand-picked pictures, and the number of friends, followers, or likes that someone receives that allow us to make snap judgments about someone. People feed into their online social status almost more than their status in real life because of the self-esteem boosting likes one can receive. Both of the articles I can relate to personally and made me more aware of others and myself on social media. Medizadeh and Lambert’s readings can be used to further explore the role of narcissism in today’s society with the emergence of social media. There is still research and discussion that needs to take place before psychologists can confidently determine its effects on social media users. Since narcissism is a personality disorder, it is worth the time and money to invest in its development.

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