Essay on Social Media And Its Effects On The Internet

Essay on Social Media And Its Effects On The Internet

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Social media is an internet based platform where people interact freely, discussing and sharing information about their day to day lives. This can be fun and interesting but it poses a greater security risk than the picture painted on the different site’s, sharing information freely sound like a great idea but put the information on the wrong hands and it could be a disaster. Dishonest actors, criminals and con artists use this as an opportunity for nefarious purpose, attackers have increasingly developed ways to get hands to your private data without your knowledge through the same social media sites, this has grown out of containerbility due to the increased technological knowhow by the attackers and lesser security measures on the internet, they target most popular social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus,pintrest and LinkedIn stealing personal data like passwords, phone numbers, bank account and many more.
The trend of using social media is spreading like wildfire and everyone knows about it if not already using it. Research conducted in January 2014 (pew internet) shows that 74 percent of adult online users are already on social media and this figure is rising as we evolve in technology, in September 2013, statistics provided by (Pew research center) indicated that 71 percent of online adults use Facebook actively, while female users dominate the use with 58 percent and male users with 42 percent. The rise of social media has inextricably been linked with the evolving of the mobile computing phenomena which has spawned very hugely in mobile application development and the now smartphone technology that everyone is trending about. The smart phone use over computers and tablets has vastly been on the rise and a l...

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...e customers towards privacy and data protection on any device that connects to the internet. The awareness also should include the pros and cons of using the social media so that we may filter what not to post and what access we give our online friends in our social media accounts.
lately an initiative lead by Apple a mobile phone company shows more promising result on users data protection with the fingerprint technology layer added to the IPhone 5 series and a more secure way to privacy was released on the IPhone 6 series which has the ability to encrypt the data and any information coming out of the phone to the internet, this kind of approach shows a more concerned way to protecting the interest of the customers integrity and valued data. People in general need to listen, follow and act on the guidelines provided for a total privacy to be accomplished.

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