Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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In 2013, a 12 year girl from Florida took her life resulting from a group of girls verbally attacking her by sending her messages that encouraged her to take her life. Around 15 girls were involved in taking part in taunting the pre teen. It originally started that one of the girls did not like the girl and was able to convince her fellow friends to join her in making fun of the girl. It is necessary that both parents and school are involved especially when a group is the one that is the bully. The group of girls teamed together in destroying the 12 because one of them did not like her. This type of bullying is the most common through social media and used the most often. Some bullies will take a picture of another student and make a fake profile in hopes that the fake profile will some how hurt that person. On the fake profile people can comment and say what that comes to mind. Social media allows tons of people to tell the world basically how insignificant someone is. People keep adding on comments on top of comments in hopes that the message being sent will do its intended purpose of crushing the victim 's spirit. Fortunately the girls involved in the bullying were charged and arrested. It was easy for them to sit back and each take a turn at the girl. Each one played a role of the death of the 12 year old. School seem to only intervene in these type of situations when there are major red flags are being raised. Such as missing an abundant amount of school or having poor performance in school work. Even when these signs are being shown the victim is somehow to blame and is then punished. The school does not take time to fully understand the situation and what is the most appropriate way to handle the situation. When certain be... ... middle of paper ... ...ual. The question still posed is whether or not bullying and harassment will approach the end. Additionally, social media plays a common role in this pandemic which not only damages an individual’s social status but further pushes them to severe extremities of solutions that will cause long term complications for the family that the bully selfishly leaves out of consideration. The idea of suicide seems as if it is the only solution for the victim and when these stories of teen suicide circulate it creates of sense of sorrow that these young innocents would have to go this far for someone to acknowledge the gravity of the situation or even the victim themselves. Through these various incidents, it is certain that school’s should prevent any harmful act from occurring and promote support systems for the victims on school grounds rather than fix the issue altogether.
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