Social Media And Its Effects On One 's Mental Health Essays

Social Media And Its Effects On One 's Mental Health Essays

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Social Media and its Effects on One’s Mental Health
According to Tufts University social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks ( Current research indicates that there is a connection between increased social media use and deteriorated mental health. Unfortunately, young adults, the most active social media users, have a predominantly high risk for developing mental health issues, making this connection particularly concerning. Many lives may change to fit the mold of social media, and it may be consuming to the extent that one would miss out on real life scenarios in their immediate surroundings. It turns out that online interactions actually affect us in similar ways to cigarettes, drugs and sugary cupcakes by activating the reward centers in our brains (Understanding Addiction). Social media may seem like a harmless sea of emoji’s, selfies and status updates, but the use of social media is effecting our mental health by being addictive, irritable, and unhappy.
Many people, who are addicted to social networking, spend time making sure their lives are perfect set up to post online. Kuss explains that “just like substance-related addictions, SNS addiction incorporates the experience of the ‘classic’ addiction symptoms, namely mood modification (favourable change in emotional states), salience (i.e., behavioral, cognitive, and emotional preoccupation), tolerance (increasing use of SNSs over time), withdrawal symptoms (experiencing unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms when SNS use is restricted or stopped), conflict, and relapse (reverting back in their excessive SNS usage after an abstinenc...

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...scuss important topics, widen their personal knowledge and discover things they never knew before. Non-profits are seeing the benefits of using social media for their awareness campaigns.
Given the complex nature of this relationship, social media is in some ways is effecting our mental health by being addictive, irritable, and unhappy. As social media becomes a deeper part of building friendships and relationships, more research is needed on how a culture of constant posting impacts developing mind. With that, the age of the digital detox might well be upon us, and I for one welcome the prospect of a week or so away from endless photographs of yet another delicious burger. So the next time you 're tempted to check one of your social media applications one more time before your meeting, don 't feel so guilty—that social break might be exactly what your mind needs.

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