Essay Social Media And Its Effect On Teens

Essay Social Media And Its Effect On Teens

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Recent research has suggested that teenagers have stopped using Facebook with the same tenacity they used to. As society has changed, so has what users want from their social media sites. Facebook is losing popularity with teens because it lacks privacy, its audience is limited, and it is no longer the only way to connect people.
Social media sites allow users to interact with other individuals who also have accounts. Facebook users create a profile that gives their basic information, such as name, hometown, age, picture and what they like for example music, movies, television shows, etc. Facebook users add friends to interact. Once users add friends they are able to see everything their friends post, from text to pictures to videos. Facebook was one of the first social media sites to become as popular as it is, with around half of all internet users having a Facebook profile. Social media presents a way to interact with anyone, anywhere in the world.
As social media sites grow in popularity, so do the age range of their users. Whereas Facebook started out as a site for college students to socialize, it has now become a place for many adults to interact. Since users can interact with anyone who has a profile, no matter their location, Facebook has made it easier for families to keep in touch despite the distance between them. However, the ability to keep in touch has also become a way for parents to view what their children are doing with their friends online; to teenagers, having their parents on their social media site is the equivalent of having them hang out with themselves and their friends (Lenhart et al.). The increased usage of Facebook by adults has deterred teenagers from using it because anything they, or a friend p...

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... media has caused a wave of new ways to use its most popular features. As the popularity of Facebook has declined new social media sites/apps have emerged, such as Pinterest, Skype, Gmail, and Hightail, to expanded the world of quick and easy communication (CyberConstruction). Since there are now hundreds of free messaging tools available, teens are not using Facebook for its convenience anymore. Social media sites have expanded to suit the needs of their users; the advancement of apps/sites has specialized them enough to cater to anyone.
Social media sites are now a staple of teenage life. They have become the best way for teens to interact the way they want to, however, not all sites remain popular forever. Facebook has lost part of its teenage following because of its lack of privacy, limited audience, and the emergence of similar sites/communication apps.

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