Social Media And Its Effect On Business Success Essay

Social Media And Its Effect On Business Success Essay

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With the advancement in technology, everyone and everywhere is using social media or social networking sites to interact with other people. In this technological world, communication has grown very fast due to this social media. Nowadays, there is no issue of long distance; they can communicate with people across the world. There are so many social networking sites which can be used like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype etc., not only to keep in touch with family members or relatives, but for business purposes. I disagree with this statement that ‘Social Media is just an excitement or publicity’ Edosomwan (2011, p.85). I know ‘Social Media’ does have negative impacts, but in spite of the negatives, it has direct and positive impacts on business success. Social Media is not just a fashion – it….
Through Social Media we can reach more customers very often. While we are on Facebook, Instagram we can see so many advertisements; all those advertisements of business enhancing their business through Social Media. Firstly, to support my opinion, my first small organisation is a Madam Boutique (traditional style clothes of India). Indians live across the world, many of the Indian people liked and followed her Facebook Page and Instagram page every day and even they post the new styles of traditional dresses on a monthly or weekly basis. Their customers order the dresses online, they send a sample and do video chat with them. Their Facebook says they reply in few hours. Through Facebook page and Instagram page they expanding their customer’s day-by-day. My second major company is southwest airline that will clearly shows us that social media does have impact on business. Southwest airline is U.S major airline, the largest low-c...

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...hey are getting success and they exist in world. Below is some evidence that clearly indicates how companies using social media as marketing tool. Firstly, as I mentioned above EBay organisation shows that social media does have impact they are getting more customers more often and they said that as well social media reduce marketing cost because they don’t need to hire people to advertise their products and things; they have experienced or expertise people who can do it online through advance technology. (Meks, 2014). Another and foremost example about to reduce to marketing costs through social media is Starbucks. ‘Starbucks believe that social media allows the companies to develop new products accordance with their taste and preferences and also listening their feedback as well. It also builds relationships between customers and company.’ (McNamara, Mangin, 2015).

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