Social Medi The Complete Guide For Brands And Businesses Essay

Social Medi The Complete Guide For Brands And Businesses Essay

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Brian Solis the author of Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web once said “Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change” (INSERT CITATION).
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary the term social media can be defined as “forms of electronic communications (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)” (2015). Furthermore, modern businesses today are still exercising “common” types of promotional advertising such as newspaper ads, magazines ads, television, direct mail, sponsorships, and merchandising, with that more businesses today, whether it’s the local family owned restaurant or the large sporting goods corporation such as Dicks Sporting Goods. Each one of these establishments is starting to utilize social media as a promotional method to advertise their businesses. This type of advertising is predicated on using a “Web 2.0” approach verses a “Web 1.0” approach to marketing their product or specific business.
Consequently, “Web 1.0” is referred to as “static websites resulting in a one way flow of communication” (Pitts, 2013). An example of a “Web 1.0” site would be a site that offers scheduling or ticketing information for fans. “Web 2.0” can be defined as “a collection of open-source, interactive and user-controlled online applications expanding the experiences, knowledge, and market power of the users as participants in businesses and social processes” (Pitts...

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... The Synergy Fan page will allow engaging content, videos, relevant links and so much more to be posted.
In addition to the information given above, using these Web 2.0 based social media sites will successfully reach the targeted market because it will allow the company to hone in on specific fans, coaches and media members that will be interested in buying the product because they have searched for it or something similar to it. Consequently this can be attributed to the use of SEO throughout every post, link or share used on these particular websites, especially on Facebook. In conclusion this marketing plan is a solid fit for Synergy because as stated before it allows Synergy to reach new heights, while continuing to meet the demands of coaches, media, and fans while satisfying the companies own drive for excellence while monitoring a steady increase in sales.

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