Essay on Social Medi Influencing Behaviors

Essay on Social Medi Influencing Behaviors

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Social Media: Influencing behaviors

In today society almost all of us use social media. To see what are friends/celebrities are up to and to see issues evolving around the world. We use social media to be informative not just around us but to be inform around the world. But does it influence the way we act or behave? I personally seen many people on their phone and many spend around 4-5 hours a day constantly checking or looking on their social media. But would that affect the way we think? Or is there any affect in the brain if we constantly do it every time? I have these questions all the time in my mind and I want to answer them with this investigative essay. Being a neuroscience major I’m always fascinated with our brains. That is why I’ve chosen social media because I’ve seen lots of changes in our brains over the years through the technologies we used. That being said, I hope to discover more things about the brain in technologies and in social media.
Going back social media wasn’t that popular. However, the first social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997. Yet, as technology evolve over the years many social sites was developed. Such as, MySpace, Linkedin, and Flickr. This is where everything started. I remembered back then everyone wanted to be friends on MySpace. But when YouTube was born in 2005 this is where people can communicate and share with each other across great distances. A year later, Facebook and Twitter was introduce. These two social network was more advance and newly developed. Now, mostly half the population on Earth is on Facebook and on Twitter. Both social network are the most popular on the internet as of today.
Over the obsession of social networks phones can now have access. Through t...

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...ur phones and checking our social media.
Have you ever looked at your phone and thought that your phone buzzes but actual didn’t? We refer this as the Phantom vibration syndrome. With the increase of smart phones over the years. Question are raised if this may affect our everyday lives. A study of hospital workers found that nearly 70% have experienced this hallucination (Rothberg, Arora, Hermann, Kleppel, & Visintainer, 2010). In another study, 89% of test subjects said they experienced this at least once every two weeks. It would seem that our brains now perceive an itch as an actual vibration from our phone.

(This is where I add my voice. Consider why it interest you and why it’s important to consider these issues.)

(In conclusion….. the overused of social media can have a big downside in our brains.) (Summarizing my whole research and what the outcome is.)

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