Social Medi Double Edged Sword Essay

Social Medi Double Edged Sword Essay

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Social Media- Double-Edged Sword

Nowadays, computers and the Internet are developing very fast. Social media is not an exception. Computer users have a lot of choices when they use the social media, and it is becoming a part of people’s life. Some people said the social media is very useful. On the other hand, others claim that these are too many serious problems for people who using it. In my opinion, I strongly agree with both that the social media is not only having advantages, but it also has many disadvantages. There are some reasons to explain why they have my agreement.
First of all, the social media is a new market to earn money for many companies. They can earn lots of money from lease to rental their sites to do a digital marketing. As we know facebook, twitter and youtube can earn over a hundred thousand dollar a day by advertising. The Internet and the social media are increasing to become the best market to promote and spread out the influence of their products. There are a lot of companies that have great success when using it to develop their business. For example, M...

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