Essay about Social Medi An Tool For Company 's Success

Essay about Social Medi An Tool For Company 's Success

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The article Research in Action: When it comes to Social Media Don’t Be A Wallflower, conducted a research to examine the social media and the presence of the various companies’ financial success. According to the article, the companies that has the most engagement with various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Blogs and more, showed a financial success rates, compare to the companies that had less presence of engagement. Social media is a successful tool to have for companies, in order to experience a higher financial rates increase. “Social media is fast becoming sewn into a successful company’s fabric and those businesses that haven’t already engaged with this Internet phenomenon…” (African Business Review, 2013) Social media is an important tool for company’s success, however, a company must make sure to engage with its consumers, in order to see a financial increase.
Based on the information that was presented from the article, several hypotheses can be created after the research has been examined. First hypotheses: Brands that have a strong engagement with various social media creates higher financial rates increase. Second hypotheses: Brands who engaged in social media experience financial success rates. Third hypotheses: Brands that have a strong engagement with various social media experience higher financial success rates compare to other brands that has less engagement with social media. Forth hypotheses: Companies who builds more relationships with its consumers through social media experience higher financial success rates. Fifth hypotheses: Companies with higher engagement with various social media have a higher financial success rates compare to other companies that has less fewer social media and fe...

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...arket Development Incorporation, 2015) As a market research, it is important to provide a valid of data and information regarding the results from studies must be provided.
The article Research in Action: When it comes to Social Media Don’t Be A Wallflower, a research was conducted whether a brand social media engagement had any relations with the company’s financial increase. To examine the relations between a financial rate increase as a dependent variable and engagement with social media as an independent variable, an example of hypothesis which is brands who pro-active with social media experience a financial rate increase compare to brands who are least engage with social media. A paired sample t-test can be use as one of the statistical test to create a meaningful hypothesis. However, ethical issues must be considered while conducting a social media research.

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