Social Medi A Very Big Distraction Essay

Social Medi A Very Big Distraction Essay

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Observing Social Media
Social media is a very big distraction in this world we live in. About 68 percent of American teenagers own a smartphone, according to a survey conducted by the Nielsen Company. An even bigger percentage of these young individuals have a profile on a social network site. People are always posting about how they are feeling and what they are doing. But, a lot of the things people post do not reflect their personality. For example, some of my friends will post a bible verse or post about God, but the next day they are sinning or doing something that God wouldn’t approve of. I am the complete opposite and am more of an observer of social media, posting little about my own emotions because I don’t like drawing unnecessary attention to myself. I like to see the exciting, new things that are happening in my friend’s lives, especially while I am away at college. On the other hand, there are people that post way too much about information that should be kept to themselves.
So, quite a few of my friends post way too much information about themselves and what is going on with them. For example, one girl that I used to go to school with had twin girls and they were very premature. They didn’t live and she posted a whole album of them and made Facebook’s for them. Everytime she posts about them she tags them in the posts. It’s not that I don’t think this is sad, it is and I would never wish this upon anyone. This is just something very personal that should be kept between her family and herself. That being said, I still feel sorry for this family, yet friends on Facebook are sometimes just acquaintances and not necessarily true friends. In a way these acquaintances could make the situation worse by an insensitive co...

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...elationship, but I am also an introvert who doesn’t like public drama. I’ve only been in drama before because of someone pulling me into it and that is it. Social media is a huge cause in the drama that happens today and that is where most of the drama takes place; on the screen and not in person. I love that I have a place where I can go to see what is going on in my friend’s lives, but I do not like to see people creating drama or posting things to cause people to give them unnecessary attention. Being an observer of social media has allowed me to see how social media allows people to create a fake personality of themselves. I am happy with the role social media has played in my life because I have gotten to see how other’s lives are changing, keep up with important events that I could not be at, and share with others exciting things that are happening in my life.

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