Social Medi A Successful Tool For A Business Essay

Social Medi A Successful Tool For A Business Essay

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Social media proves time and time again that it can be a very successful tool for helping to grow and expand a business, when used correctly. However, there are many limitations to using social media that need to be taken into consideration. One of the limitations is that companies struggle to determine how their social media platforms are generating sales and profits based on their likes and followers. The ability for a company to identify a concrete methodology to evaluate the success of their social media programs is difficult for most companies and even though who had invested time and resources into assessing this key performance indicator still understand that the methodology used is not necessarily providing them with concrete impact (Sandilands, n.d.). Due to the fact that it takes time for the likes and followers to grow and form a substantial base, it is difficult to determine if this form of marketing is efficient especially in the early days of its use or for new initiatives or short-term campaigns. The biggest issue with this is the work that has been acquired into building this idea, the long and strenuous hours, but the results aren’t going to come at once. Also, consideration has to be made as to the return on investment and how you can understand the time and resourcing that goes in to managing social media channels versus the actual incremental revenue that is bring brought to your business as a result (Brookins, n.d.). In summary, social media is constantly changing and therefore, the way we track and analyze this information will continue to evolve. According to Gorman and Ross, the only way to measure the impact of social media is to use goal-driven metrics, which are goals for social media based off of goals...

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...l media managers or community managers that manage the day to day conversations online. That said, because an individual is representing the brand online and has constant access to do so, if they became disgruntled and decided to post about their injustices using the companies social media accounts, it could cause huge media relations issues for the company potentially impacting their credibility (Sandilands, n.d.). There are also some legal risks that could affect a company, like false advertising or if personal information ever became public knowledge (Sandilands, n.d.), which could be caused by outside parties or hacker groups (Sharma, 2013). No matter what the limitations are of using social media as a marketing tool the main way to guarantee a successful company is if the main goals are to ensure quality of the products and to always keep the customers satisfied.

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