Social Medi A Social Norm Essay

Social Medi A Social Norm Essay

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When social media first started to become a widespread trend across the world, new ideas of what it meant to be socially involved were created. This lead to dozens of new outlets for the general public to become engaged in, leading to new and flashy trends that further diversified how social media played a part in our everyday lives. The humble beginnings of social media can be traced to sites like Friendster or Myspace which then evolved into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, et cetera. From here, the terms “posting”, “tweeting”, “snapping” and such became common vernacular around the United States and even the world. With the ever-looming social media now becoming a social norm in our society people now look towards it as a primary means of social connection. The term “Fear of Missing Out”, or FoMO as it is now called, came from the idea that people who aren’t regularly involved in social media in some way are “missing out” on a big part of their social identity. It is now considered a pseudo-feeling, with some people believing this is an actual effect that is observable when someone sees or hears about social outings on social media that they aren’t apart of. While FoMO has been studied, all-be-it very little, no research has been conducted to show if exclusion actually causes this effect. There are also no correlational studies that show the relationship between FoMO and what social media sites specifically cause this new feeling. Therefore, it was hypothesized that feelings of rejection would increase FoMO scores in individuals and that FoMO scores vary depending on what social networking sites the individual uses.
From previous research it is known that social media does in fact play a role in social connecti...

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...y will take a quick manipulation check to see if the manipulation had affected their current mood. Then the participants will move on to the FoMO scale and answer the ten items listed based on a 1 to 5 likert scale (1 = Not at all true of me, 5 = extremely true of me). Some statements from the FoMO scale include “I fear others have more rewarding experiences than me.” or “I get worried when I find out my friends are having more fun than me.” Once the FoMO scale is completed, a quick sixteen item inventory assessing narcissism scores will be assessing the participant. Finally, basic demographic questions like what the participant’s age, gender, race, and ethnicity are asked. The study ends with a text debriefing the participants on what the study was about, how the Cyberball game was against computers, and offers any resources in-case someone was hurt from the study.

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