Essay about Social Medi A Social Network

Essay about Social Medi A Social Network

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Social media seems a trend in the current world and a number of users are continuing to grow since smartphone and Internet access becomes largely adapted. According to, in January 2016, approximately more than a third of the world’s population have an account on at least one of the social network. There is no doubt that the most popular social networks have a high number of active accounts or strong user engagement. For example, Facebook was the first social network who was first to have 1 billion monthly active users. From, in Canada, more than 20 million people are forecast to have a social network account by 2018. Other Canadian popular social networks such as Twitter, which having an over 3 million user base, and will arrive at about 8.5 million users in future 6 years.

Social networks are greatly diverse by its platform, and different consumers: platforms such as Facebook are highly focused on exchanging among friends and family and having interaction with its features such as the photo or status sharing and games. Others, such as Tumblr or Twitter are more focused on instant communication and microblogs.

The leading social networks are adopted with multiple languages and encourage millions of users to connect with friends or people without geographical, political or economic borders. The line between reality and virtual life has gradually blurred thanks to the concept of digital identity and online social interactions.

Social media have raised attention from scholars due to their potential in enhancing political engagement of individual citizens (Castells, 2007; Gaffney, 2010; Tumasjan, Sprenger, Sandner, & Welpe, 2011). Although twitter is limited to exchanging short text messages, recommending...

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...t, 140 words could be enough to do a brief summary but not clear to present a concrete idea or discussion towards some political issues. Moreover, the Twitter posts- are not kept in the web, different from other social media is that conversations on Twitter are changing from one day to day. Third, the subscription services – followers, can only have access to the information from the sender, and the sender has the right to subscribe or unsubscribe the user. In other words, the consumers are able to create a close circle of information, following only to those what were selected, and speaking for everyone else.

Twitter has a strong potential to become the new tool to engage citizens in public affairs. The use of social media tools for open government is a new field of research. We’ve heard a lot of voice from citizens, but do they hear the voice from the government?

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