Social Medi A New Marketing Era Essay

Social Medi A New Marketing Era Essay

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1. Introduction

“Engage or die” the story of a new marketing era.

Due to constant technology changes, the arsing of digital communication as well as the potential that is offered by Web 2.0 lead to one of the most biggest trends in todays world- Social Media.

Social Media can be described as innovative tools that connect people or so called users all around the world and give them the opportunity to interact with them. But not only on a personal level Social Media got more important over recent years, also companies have found more and more interest on Social Media as a business tool. One can see a continual growth over the last years regarding the usage of Social Media in business operations. Social Media offers numerous opportunities and possibilities to companies concerning communication developments and new marketing strategies while increasing competitive advantage towards competitors.

New developments in areas such as communication, technology and marketing creating new consumption and business models were companies need to respond in order to keep costumer satisfied. Those new business models concentrate on costumers in a leading role and the increasing importance they gaining while doing business.

Thus, costumer engagement became a key term for organizations. However, the rules of engagement are new to them and involve the process of thinking differently than the usual marketing thinking they are used to, as it is not longer a monologue from firm to costumer through traditional ways of advertisement such as commercial or print. The digital age and the emergence of New Media created a two- way communication tool that led to a change how organization look at costumers. The concept of costumer engagement got very po...

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...hapters namely the theoretical framework, Research methods, results and conclusion including recommendation for the company. The theoretical framework includes the theory this research is based on. The evolution of Social Media as well as important definition will be covered. Further theory about the idea and concept of consumer engagement will be clarified and descript. The chapter ‘research method’ focuses on the way the research was conducted for this paper. A clear justification of the research method will be given as well as a clear description of the process how the data was collected. This research will be rounded of with a summary of all findings and a recommendation for Stray Travel regarding their Facebook presence and what they could do better to fully utilize their Facebook page as a marketing tool to fully engage with their costumers in the digital age.

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