Social Medi A Dangerous Place Essay

Social Medi A Dangerous Place Essay

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'I use social media on a daily basis. I wouldn’t say I use social media to much though. As the whole class witnessed in the video Generation Like social media is taking over the lives of kids all over the world. I personally love social media and all it can do for us. Social media is very powerful it can make or break the relationships you have formed. I love social media because i believe it brings you together with people you may have never been able to get to know had you not reached out through the internet. But at the same time social media is a very dangerous place. People get kidnapped because of social media. I remember reading a story on a bunch of girls being lured to a location through facebook in promise of becoming a model. Social media is a scary place that should not be taken lightly. There are stories after stories of people being killed, raped, or kidnapped because of the things they do or say on social media. For example i read an article on bbc news all about how young girls are approached on facebook to become a model and are convinced to send pictures of themselves in their underwear as some sort of “photoshoot” or “audition”. When in reality it is all a scam to get pictures of young girls naked. All because of these scams those girls now have to live knowing their pictures are out on the internet forever. I unfortunately couldn 't find the article about the girls who were lured to a location to become models. But it happens and that is terrifying. I have a very neutral opinion about social media. I personally love it. But i think in the wrong hands it is a very powerful force that can do a lot of wrong and can really ruin peoples lives. I think sites like sites like LinkedIn for instance because it likes peo...

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...ds. That was extremely unsafe for her and her children. He could have very well been a psychopath and she would have had no idea. Another man got so attached to this virtual reality game it actually ruined his real life. He played all day till his fiance left him. Yeah he left the game and everything, but he went back. He couldn 't even stay off the game to pick the pieces of his real life. That is a serious addiction and needed to be handled a lot better than he seemed to handle it on his own. Basically long story short social media isn 't for everyone. Some people get addicted to a social media platform and it ruins their life. Others can balance their life and social media perfectly without hurting their real lives. You just have to be very careful and not let social media control your life. If you 're careful social media can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling. '

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