Social Marketing : A Waste Of Time And Money

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Social Marketing is a Waste of Time and Money “Social marketing is an approach used to develop activities aimed to change or maintain people’s behaviour for a benefit” (Meritt, 2011). It uses marketing techniques, tools and concepts to pursuit social objectives. Definition itself, made me aware of fact that social marketing changes behaviour and rationally because it ‘does’ changes behaviour, it can’t be a waste of time and money. Based on personal experience on the statement before doing my research I approached the debate as being against the statement however I asked myself: “Are you sure?” The big debate started with first debater’s argument affirmation: ‘is difficult to entire change consumption’ based on economic examples from Peattie and Peattie (2009). In the last two decades of business initiatives connecting to marketing and environment have failed to deliver an important change towards sustainability. Answer has been supported by another debater who sees Social Marketing difficult to evaluate and high costly based on Andreasen A. (2002) arguments. First thought that came to mind exposed ineffectiveness of these arguments, for instance being ‘difficult to change’ and ‘difficult to evaluate’ doesn’t really hit main statement as being a waste of time. Yes, change and evaluation do need more time but time in this case is also used to perceive key problems and to solve it. Next debater agreed with my thought and add some evidences on how Social Marketing makes a difference in society and how it makes marketing more sustainable. Well-structured evidences on cycling and on reducing young tobacco users by Peattie and Peattie (2009) made me more confident to contrast main statement. The debate quickly turned into a challenging ... ... middle of paper ... ...e that changed my position whether SM is a waste of time and money or not. My question “Are you sure” at the beginning of the debate shown my unsecured feeling on the topic. My answer stayed on “no”, social marketing is not a waste of time and money; it aims to inform people to pursuit social objectives; it’s a tool that really works even if many arguments support the statement. Social Marketing is a promising intervention approach, measured not by time and money but by effectiveness. Effectiveness represent the right measure of any campaigns. When it comes to alcohol tobacco and drugs, time and money you invest don’t play a role. You can spend money on demonstrating examples of illnesses and bad habits to people but it won’t affect them. I believe that understanding the problem and correct approach lead to a positive influence, lead to healthy life, to a saved life.

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