Social Location And Status Set Go Hand Essay

Social Location And Status Set Go Hand Essay

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Social location and status set go hand in hand with where I have wound up in life and who I am. Social location is what memberships you carry because of your physical location in life. I settled down and “started roots” in Saginaw Township, MI. It is a smaller community in Mid-Michigan that is not far from where I spent the first 5 years of my life, Essexville MI. I was raised in Royal Oak, MI, and all three of these communities share about the same socioeconomics, being predominantly white, middle to upper class, about the same size, and just outside of a larger city. I feel comfortable with my current social location, because it is so familiar and normal to me.
The reason I was raised in Royal Oak, MI is because of my dad’s employment. He was a machine maintenance worker and was able to find employment in Metro-Detroit after the shop he worked at closed down. His specialty was large fabrication machines, so it made sense that he started working for a company that supplied to the “Big Three”. Eventually, we wound up back in Mid-Michigan, because the economy tanked and the auto makers slowed down production.
Neither of my parents went to college so I grew up, “blue collar”, and as a result of that, we had to move to where the work was. Each time we moved, it was to a neighborhood with the same social class as the last one, so we never moved up in terms of privilege, until I got married (the second time), and moved into a neighborhood with a HOA, and a private golf course as a backyard. While the Township that I live in is mostly the same as the ones I grew up in, my neighborhood is a different, secondary group where everyone has a lawn service, drives large SUV’s and holds membership at the County Club.
From the time I wa...

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...ion of me at one time or another.
I was born a white, non-disabled, middle-class, American, female. Just based off of these simple things, it was very unlikely that my parents worried about me joining a gang or playing football in college. I grew up learning how to make spaghetti sauce instead of learning how to change the oil in a car. It was logical that I marry a man and become a mother one day.
Before doing this exercise and reading about “Power and Privilege”, I never would have assumed that I was somehow better off then another person just because I am white and I would have defended my position to anyone who would have challenged it. This of course, proves the authors point when he explains that thinking that way is just how privilege works in our social life. I have never been black, Jewish or homosexual, so I can’t feel the oppression those who are feel.

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