Essay about The Social Life Of College

Essay about The Social Life Of College

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Last year, I walked past the Den, which is a student lounge at school, and heard a lot of noise coming from that room. I was wondering what all that noise was about, but I was too shy to go in there to find out what all the commotion was about. At many times, I felt socially awkward because I had stopped taking my ADHD medicine, and did not know how to interact well with people. The medicine used to cause me to be very quiet during lunch and other social times at school. The people in the Den had no interpersonal relationships with me because I never went to the Den to make friends or find out what was going on. So instead of going to the Den, I went to the cafeteria and started to make friends there. It was a comfortable environment where I ate lunch and felt at ease to interact with my peers as a new student at Lone Star College. “One of the primary benefits to a social life in college is the development of lasting friendships.” (Ringle) I still talk to them today through the phone, sending synchronous messages. This year I made it my goal to go into the Den to make some interpersonal relationships, and to get to know the groups that hang out there. I have gone out of my comfort zone to make some friends that encompassed groups which include nerds that play video games, and card games, such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic. I met another group of people who like to play ping pong and pool.
My experience with going into the Den is a positive one. I now know a lot of people and have made a lot of interpersonal relationships. I went and talked to the nerds, and had fun getting to know them. I figured out that I have to be careful of what I say around them as they may tease me or laugh at some of my comments when I do...

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...arned to be patient with people because some talk slower than others do, or they have a thick accent that I need to pay more attention to what they are saying so I can understand them. I have also learned that the people who hang out in the Den are cool people who like to have fun. It was enjoyable learning how to play all these games with my friends that I made. If I had a choice, I would do the same thing over, to overcome my social awkwardness. I surpassed my goal of going into the den, and made friendships with people that may last a lifetime! These college social interactions have helped me grow in a new way I never would have expected. I am so happy that I have taken these opportunities, which have helped me to become a more extroverted person now I can easily talk to and befriend others. This can help in a life time of working and socializing in an adult world

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