Essay on Social Learning Theory And Gender Schema Theory

Essay on Social Learning Theory And Gender Schema Theory

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Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Isn’t that a stereotype we deal with from the time we escape the womb? Gender is part of our social structure, just as race and class are. When applied to Camara Phyllis Jones ' article, "The Gardener 's Tale," men are the red flowers and women are the pink. From the moment of birth, men and women are put into different pots. (UK essays,2015). For decades Psychologist have been conducting experiments to determine what has an effect on a person’s gender identity. Their conclusions show that biological influences, environmental influences, social learning theory and gender schema theory all have some type of effect on gender identity. There are many sides to Nature vs. Nurture, specifically when it comes to gender identity. However, both sides discussed here agree that nature and nurture agree with each other in the sense of how they shape our lives.
A Hollywood icon that was has a child that struggles with gender identity is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts or in other words “Brangelina”. They have a child that was born a female but prefers to be identified as a male named Shiloh. Shiloh began showing signs of androgyny at a very young age. Androgyny is a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. From a young age Shiloh wanted to be referred to as “John” and only wanted to wear male clothes, her parents took to a professional on how to deal with this issue. Shiloh is currently 10 years old and her parents are very supportive of her choices. There is also a case of twin boys and one of them was born with damaged sexual reproduction organs. The parents made the choice to get it surgically changed to a vagina and they decided to raise him up as a female. He was an extremely depres...

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...erous ways to get rid of them. Even before the shooting rampage at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fl., lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people were already the most likely targets of hate crimes in America, according to an analysis of data collected by the FBI (NY times,2016). As of 2013, 0.5% of all hate crimes were based on perceived gender identity. A decision as personal as determining what gender you prefer to identify as should not have feedback from the society. Nature and nurture both affect how someone identifies as male, female or etc. by either changing their genetics or letting their environment be a major part in their decisions. Before I did any research on this topic I agreed with the nurture side of the argument, but now that I have more information on both of these sides I understand how gender identity can be determined by nature and nurture.

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