Social Justice At The United States Essay

Social Justice At The United States Essay

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Social Justice to me means that everyone has the same opportunity to experience life in such a way that they can have all their needs met and feel fulfilled as people. This may sound really simple, but it is actually a very complex idea that I am going to try to break apart and try to explain here. The first part is everynone. When I say everyone, I mean every person in existence. Whether they are a citizen of the United States, a refugee from Syria, or an astronaut, no longer in the atmosphere. In essence, everyone counts. Second is opportunity. Opportunity is the set of circumstances that make an outcome available and the ability to capitalize on those circumstances. Third is experiencing life. This refers to the ability to move through their life from beginning to end with the freedom and agency to make educated choices about things that affect them. The final part is having needs met and feeling fulfilled. This is probably the most difficult one to explain effectively. To illustrate this idea I look to Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. I assert that in a socially just society everyone should have their needs met starting with the most basic (the ones on the bottom) to the most advanced (the ones at the top). In addition when I say feel fulfilled that is done with the intent to give an end goal of everyone attaining that highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy, self-actualization. When all people have their needs met and have the ability to reach a level of self-actualization, that to me is my vision of social justice.
I think it is important that when we talk about justice and equity we have to also talk about power as the concept of power is really cornerstone to my philosophy not just on social justice, but also in life...

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... in a positive light by some mainstream groups.
I also feel we have not talked much about feminist theory. This is an area I would also like to spend time examining as I think it has a lot of important intersections for me professionally and my studies on masculinity but also for everyone in higher education as feminism seems to me to have turned into a fight people see as already won when that is just not true.
In summary, I have learned a ton in this class. The curriculum has done much to augment my pre-existing foundation from my undergraduate experience. It is my hope that I never stop learning and sharpening my critical worldview and continue to help others around me do the same. Hope might actually be the wrong word to describe it, as to me it is an imperative because the success of people everywhere necessitates more critical and conscious thinkers and leaders.

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