Social Issues Debate : Individual Research Sources Overview Essay

Social Issues Debate : Individual Research Sources Overview Essay

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SOC 08/SOC 305
Social Issues Debate ~ Individual Research Sources Overview

Name: Gabriela Raya Date: October 28, 2015

1. Citation of the Source (in APA format):
Crump, G. (2004, April 8). Students in all-girl schools say they feel free to learn – Girls: Lessons adapted to how they think they, learn. Sacramento Bee. Retrieved from

2. Provide a Brief Summary of the information provided in this Source:
This newspaper article focuses on a senior in an all-girls school, Danica Bilicich. One of the main focuses are the problems she dealt with before attending an all-girls school, such as the discomfort she experienced when she talking in front of boys.
Her reaction and opinion to an all-girl school is also provided, now that she has been there for a couple of years. She says her confidence levels have gone up and she is encouraged to ask questions. Some of her classmates’ opinions on all-girl schools are also provided and they don’t reflect Bilicich’s. One of her classmates believes that having boys around would be fun, and that in fact she does miss them in a classroom setting, but she also thinks they can be distractions.
Opinions of supporters of single-sex education are given, saying that this type of environment allows success to be based on achievement rather than looks or popularity, something that would be found in a co-educational environment.

3. How did this contribute to the development of your group’s argument?
I haven’t shared this article with my group yet, but I’d like to believe that this would kick us in the direction of looking for more confession or ...

... middle of paper ...

...akness, which I wouldn’t find it as, would be that Eliot didn’t do any research of her own but instead opted to use copious amounts of others’ research to get her point across.
A strength I found was the extensive information used to support the thesis of the article. Many studies and examples were used in favor of the author’s claims. You can tell that the author really did their research on several topics and then brought it together nicely, intertwining the information with the focus of the article. Some people might find that as a weakness, but I’d consider it a strength of the article. Another thing I found that strengthened her article was how Eliot specifically called out the articles that put the false pretense before anything else and showed evidence that they were either outdated, have been proven false, or have used adults instead of children in a study.

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