Social Issues Among The Black Community Essay

Social Issues Among The Black Community Essay

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How do Today’s Social Issues Among the Black Community Directly Correlate to Slavery in the United States?

Welcome to the year 2015!

Lack of Family Unity

In today’s society, a major issue is the disintegration of the African-American family unit. The lack of family values largely has to do with situations slavers committed free Africans to be apart of in 1619, when the first African slaves were stolen from West Africa and brought to North American eastern coast of Jamestown, Virginia. Major issues that stem from a lack of family unity include; high out of wedlock birthrates, absentee fathers and unruly African-American children.

A major issue in the black community are children’s births out of wedlock. While in some scenarios, this might not be a problem, In others, it proves to be a major problem. Children’s births out of wedlock open the doors of opportunity for failure of the child and the child’s family. According to CNN Anchor Don Lemon, 73 precent of African-American children are a product of non marital union, of the 73 percent of children, who are a part of the non marital union, six precent of the children are still in contact with their fathers or later figures. This leaves a whopping sixty-seven precent of African American children who are a member of single parent families. Many mothers who give birth to children out of wedlock, according to a study by Johns Hopkins University, most women who have children out of wedlock do not attain a college degree or stopped their formal education at the high school diploma level. Ninety precent of women who wait to have children and follow a traditional pattern of marriage. They have completed or are in the process of completing their college degrees. This is...

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... the urge to treat others with disrespect and must fight to do what is right in the benefit for the ones who love them.

Slavery was an institution that took over the fabric of America for over 245 years. As a result, Americans have adapted to the stitch of the life that was standard for 245+ years. African Americans are now expected to fall in line with common day society after years of oppression. African Americans are still being oppressed as in the condition of their learning and living environments.

While the leaps, and bounds of progress of the African American race has taken, there are miles and miles of fabric to unwind and make better for the growing population so that in the future, the African American will not be a jailbait or a high risk unemployed statistic, but one of equal ranking to the black man’s red, yellow and brown brothers of this world.

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