Essay about Social Isolation, Suspiciousness And Rejection

Essay about Social Isolation, Suspiciousness And Rejection

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Social isolation, Suspiciousness and rejection
Hearing loss interferes with the simplest type of communication between people and influences daily activities as information cannot be exchanged. As a result, loneliness and isolation may make older adults feel secluded from others since hearing loss influences the quality of life owing to the absence of social relationships (Miller, 2009). For example, social isolation worsens a person’s feelings of low self-worth, shame, loneliness, depression, and other mental health concerns (Aberdeen and Fereiro, 2014). Thus, hearing impairment create greater life changes something that older persons are already experiencing (Mental Health Foundation, 2014); since some people choose to withdraw from social roles or activities. Henceforth, significantly destroying seniors’ regular lives (Rosenhall, 2015). As hearing loss is related to age, so it is a challenging issue with changing population demographics in the developed countries (Weinsten, 2012). For instance, older adults experience a negative emotional state associated with the invisible handicap as hearing loss often ignored during diagnosis (Krieger, 2008). If someone is confused or acts depressed thus may represent a psychological problem or dementia rather than hearing loss itself (Peelle, 2015). One of the challenges and frustrations of a person with hearing loss is to be understood; as hearing loss interferes with the person to person communication, older people miss out with family and friends (AT et al., 2015). As seniors may think the conversation is held in a whisper tone or have concerns that the conversations are about them. Thus, resulting in nervous feelings for ...

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...icketts, (2008) propose that if the family who looks after the elderly people with a hearing loss be supportive and offer family-centred care, this could make an enormous difference in society. The benefit of family-centred care is that family is the primary source of help for older persons with functional limitations, as person-centred care alone may not adequately capture the importance of family in the lives of the elderly (Feinberg, 2012). Ross and Ross, (2014) revealed that one-third of relatives fails to care for their loved ones because of failure to understand the implications of hearing loss (Ricketts, 2008). Thus, the practical impacts of behaviour to render it hard to people with hearing loss. Instead of looking at how it must be for people with hearing impairment (Daneman, and Murphy, 2005), relatives get frustrated to associate with the hearing impaired.

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