Social Isolation And Feral Children Essay

Social Isolation And Feral Children Essay

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A system in which people interact with others for personal or commercial purposes can be defined as Socialization.
Social isolation and feral children: social isolation occurs when an individual is cut off from any interaction with society including friends and family members. The Feral children are the individuals that are alien to the social norms that a society attributes concerning children such as love, kindness, care etc. Feral children have had no exposure to these things so they have no experience or knowledge of the existence of such.


A perception of one 's self, how one identifies him/herself by what qualities.

Cooley 's the looking glass self:

According to the Cooley 's looking glass self-theory a person is shaped by his or her experiences in the society. The experience, the people that surround a child have an effect on how that child will be when he/she grows up.

Mead’s Play Stage and the Generalized Other:

Mead 's play stage refers to the first play of a child, when a child is playing and he chooses to be someone that he idolizes. For instance, he could pretend to be a doctor, a police officer or a superhero in fact, the child finds a role for him.
In the case of generalization not only that child finds a role for him but also he understands or the child recognizes the role of others as well in the play.

Agents of socialization:

Children from very young age develop a view of the society from what they are being influenced by; it can be family, friends, teachers or any form of the media. These influences can be defined as the agents of socialization. Since, they play a major role in the development of a child.


World consist of different cultures and socie...

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...k requiring strong physic serving in the military, working in the fields. However, the females on the other hand take care of the house raise children. As a child I remember playing with toys such as cars, playing with football, building blocks.

Degradation Ceremonies:

When an individual is sent to an institute such as prison or a mantel rehabilitation center person is put in a process of degradation Ceremony. In the case of prisoners they are considered unfit for a society so, they are removed and sent to a confined space in some cases having minimum or no contact with outside world.

Personal Identity Kit:

Personal identity kit can consist anything that gives a person some kind of satisfaction in his/her social status. In my case I do consider my personal identity with the type of car I drive the house I live in am I keeping up with the latest cell phone.

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