Essay about Social Interaction For A Classroom Education

Essay about Social Interaction For A Classroom Education

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In today’s society, students can train and develop as a person in many ways. Every method of learning, online or in the classroom, can educate people in a different ways. It could be the right form of education and the right person at the right time, or the right learning environment to produce results. Classroom education has a need for real interaction because it provides that form. In a classroom education, a professor can have a social interaction with the student, they can answer any concerns and questions right away and there is also effectiveness in the classroom.
When it comes to a classroom education it is always nice to know your professor, instead of just knowing their name. It is nice to have that social interaction with them. Professors make countless of real-time decisions and interactions between themselves and their students (Muntner). Social interaction for a classroom education is an important piece for a student’s educational plan. For social interaction between the professor and the student it builds the social skills in a classroom. The social development of those skills can be built and be layered to improve social competence in a classroom rather than just online. In a classroom education, face-to-face communication creates a different dynamic for every class. Online classes, however, students lack the opportunity to get to know the professor in person, while traditional classrooms lets students gain support and personal relationships from between them and the professor (Morgan). The social and communicative interactions between the student and professor is very important. A student’s ability to ask a question, to share an opinion, or to disagree with a point of view are fundamental learning activities. It ...

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...ation. In a classroom environment it is much easier to ask and have questions answered, because the professor is right there and in an online education that would be hard because sometimes the student’s don 't even know their own instructors. So, the opposing side believes that a online education would be easier for students, but universities should remain with a traditional learning style.
In conclusion, there is many learning styles whether it is online or in the classroom, they can educate any student, but in a classroom education it has a need for real interaction. Without a classroom education, students won 't get the right need for learning like any other. While students have a classroom education, a professor can have a social interaction with the student, they can answer any concerns and questions right away and there is also effectiveness in the classroom.

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