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Social integration and Emile Durkheim differences in integration between modern and premodern societies
Social integration is simply defined as the events that make communities to feel valued in one way or the other. Social integration ensures all individuals receive the needed values or services in a society. Its activities are usually complicated and the processes positively affect many people from different parts of the world. The factors that negatively affect social integration include activities like corruption by countries, poor provision of water to humans, negative impacts of climate changes to societies, poverty in communities, pollutants that affect fishing areas hence affecting the society, deforestation by individual, unemployment, and also world activities and processes that may make it compacted (Durkheim 1964, p.375).
A good example is the social integration involving the children and teenagers, social networking that negatively affect people, discrimination activities, and cultural integration by some communities which highly contribute to social integrations to humans resulting to situation like the presence of refugees which is good example of a social integration situation According to Emile Durkheim, the division of labor tremendously changed the unity as different societies changed from the premodern times to modern ones (Jones 1986, p.34).
He argued that for the ancient societies before their increase in the division of labor, the type of unity was simply mechanical. Here, the degree of resemblance by societal members was very high with very minimal levels of difference among them. Individuals had high sense of right and wrong among themselves simply because they had the same goals. That is, they had sa...

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