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Social Insecurity Essay

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As the saying goes, saving money for rainy days, in other word preserve the summer harvest so there is food to eat in the long winter months. There is something naturally human about our need for security to have something on hand just in case. In 1935 the social security act was born from just such a need, when American was in crisis, so now with the current projections pointing to the crisis in social security, experts believe that by 2037, the social security trust fund will be exhausted.
The birth of the social security program started as a measurement to implement “social insurance” during the great depression of the 1930s, when the New York stock exchange crash in 1929 America then slipped into economic depression with unemployment exceeded 25% so president Roosevelt’s sign the social security act to help the poverty rates among the senior citizen which exceeded 50%, since then social security has became increasingly controversial.
With the new structure of social security it provides pension to retired or disabled American, the social security is financed by the Federal Ins...

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