Social Injustices to the Chinese People Essay

Social Injustices to the Chinese People Essay

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Social Injustices to the Chinese People.

Everyday people in China are suffering from their government. From being wrongly accused to being executed for minor crimes. In a country where you cannot speak your opinions, talk badly about government officials, talk about Chinese communist failures, or even browse the internet freely. China has kept it’s citizens in the dark. One example is the great firewall of china which sensors most social media and other sites. This essay will go into some individual stories of the chinese governments unfair social injustices towards its people.
My first statement is a story about a man named Liu Hai. He was working at a mine in china under quite harsh conditions. When he collapsed on the job. He was taken to the hospital and died 72 hours later. This seems like it would be a work related injury, but it was not. The chinese law says that work related injuries are only valid it the person dies after 48 hours. So Liu Hai’s wife was stuck with a 40,000 yuan bill. She could not afford it so she went to work at a landscaping project outside of Qindao. She states that “I couldn’t move the big stones, so I moved the small ones. I got tired using the wheelbarrow to move soil so I would only fill it halfway. By night time my whole body was hurting and the pain was so bad I could not sleep.”
“My daily expenses were less than four yuan. I would only buy the cheapest foods I could find. Sometimes if I wanted meat I would buy two chicken heads and cook them.”
“After finishing the job we moved to another work site where the contractor said we would be paid there. After working a total of 82 days we had still not been paid.
This is just one of the awful stories that the chinese government has put one o...

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... problem is that most schools abuse this law, and they end up forcing the children to do a lot of heavy labor. Which is against chinese law, but the government doesn’t do a very good job of enforcing it. So these children will work 14 hours a day, live in a cardboard box, receive little food and water, just for 26 cents an hour! Unbelievable, that is less than four USD a day. This is just another of many social injustices within the hidden walls of China.
China is the story of a County that tried to contain their citizens from the outside world, tried to make the people work for basically no pay, set up inhuman laws, and other terrible deeds. But the scary thing is that they got away with it. The government is too powerful to be questioned and it will stay that until people find out about these offences. That is the only way China will be a fair and just country.

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