Social Injustice By Using The Elements Of Drama Essay example

Social Injustice By Using The Elements Of Drama Essay example

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Like writers of fiction, playwrights have many tools with which to craft a dramatic work for theatrical use, amongst those are, engaging plots, textured characters, clever dialogues, expository settings, and lofty themes. Often playwrights may have a specific message in mind. For instance, a popular such topic, is social injustice, by using the elements of drama, plot, characterization, dialogue, theme and staging to expose the evils of sexism and racism, artists can drive social change in a way that is not otherwise possible. The experienced playwright can use these elements to expose injustice through plot constructs and through interactions between characters or dialogue that depict real life situations. Each element creates a story that is revealed like an intricately woven tapestry. Without these elements we would not have a captivating drama.
The weft or framework of this tapestry is the plot, the essential structure that holds the play together. It is the sequence of occurrences that allow for exposition of setting or paradigm with which to view the social context for the drama. Furthermore, it can acquaint the audience with the characters, and finally it can guide us through the action to the conclusion to illuminate the theme. One such vivid embroidery is the play Trifles, by Susan Glaspell. In the exposition we learn that a death has occurred in a bleak, cold, disordered out of the way farm house in 1918. The entire play takes place in just one episode or scene. The subject of the play is the mystery of a man’s death, but the theme of the story is the sexist view of women prevalent at the beginning of the last century. The title of the play foreshadows the dynamic between the male and female characters. This gender ...

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...owards her husband for his abuse. In this way, wordsmiths can efficiently communicate emotions or abstract concepts with a subtlety that audiences find most compelling.
The theme or overarching message of the drama, can be compared to the overall hue of the textile. It is only seen when standing back and looking at the work as a whole. Oftentimes it is what the artist most wants to convey, and it is often interwoven throughout all the elements of the play.
The master dramatic weaver, has complete creative control to communicate whimsy, fantasy, or serious societal messages through the fabric of drama. That cloth begins with the construction of the plot, and is woven together with the characterization, filled in with dialogue, embellished with setting, and symbolism and finally colored with theme, bringing to the world a tapestry that is a truly moving piece of art.

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