Essay on Social Influences On Gender And Gender

Essay on Social Influences On Gender And Gender

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Social Influences on Gender
There are many social influences that effect gender. According to Adolescence 15th edition, “ Social role theory states that gender differences mainly results from the contrasting roles of females and males, with females having less power and status and controlling fewer resources than males” (pg. 170). Parental, siblings, school, peers, and mass media influences all have an extraordinary influence on gender.
Parental influences is the foundation of a child’s gender. This is where a child begins to learn the true definition of the difference between being a male or female. In infancy and early childhood, parent’s influence on how they treat their sons and daughters are extremely different between the two. Even certain colors are used by parents, for a child’s gender role. Different environments, themes, and colors are used to differentiate boys and girls. Commonly, pink is the signature color for girls and blue being the color for boys. Toys are even used to help distinguish between boys and girls gender. Usually, parents surround boys with balls and cars, but girls are surrounded with dolls and dresses. Parents are typically more sensitive when it comes to girls, and more assertive when it comes to boys to toughen them up. In middle childhood, this is where more responsibility is put on the child based on gender as the child’s skills begin to expand. This is where girls began to take on the responsibilities of household chores, and boys begin to do outside maintenance. At this point, children categorize task as being for boys or girls. Also around this time, parents allows boys to do more unsupervised venturing than girls are allowed to do. Parents also tend to cling to the same gender as them. Even...

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... being inferior to the man. Self-perception can also be effected by the media. Television usually relates thinness to beauty. This can play a major role with how a teenage girl looks at her body image. Usually, the more negative perceptions a child gets from the media the more they have to deal with their own negative self and body images. Boys are usually give the perception for their body image that being muscular is ideal.
In conclusion, all these different things play a major role when it comes to the influence on gender development. Even though social influences teaches children femininity and masculinity, maybe one day children will have the opportunity to experience non- biased environments. This way children will have the opportunity to actually make their own decisions on how they would want to live their lives without the opinions or influence of others.

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