Social Inequality And The American Dream Essay

Social Inequality And The American Dream Essay

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The American dream is a slowly fading dream that seems to be escaping all the lower classes of American society. The American dream still exists if we examine correctly. The dilemma with American dream is that it has become so much harder to fulfill. Social inequality along with a lack of social mobility have negated the ability to accomplish this. As time has passed, the gap between the rich and poor has become larger and larger. Hence social equality has grown overtime. This would not be as consequential of a problem for the American dream if social mobility had stayed the same. Social mobility has decreased with time as well. Social mobility is the ability to move from one social class to another. Sociologically speaking, the American Dream has always been characterized by the ability to gain more social mobility. That is, to climb the social ladder. Since both social inequality and social mobility has decreased over time; this has diminished the ability to achieve financial stability within a social class as well as not allowing the mobility of an individual from one class to another.
Let us review some basic concepts before we go further with this argument. Social class is a group of people who rank closely in property, prestige, and power. Within these social classes exist some properties of class level that are characteristic of their ranking. The first of these is property. Property consists of furniture, jewelry, bank accounts, and other materials that can be quantified into monetary value. (Henslin, 2014) Basically, they are things that can be quantified to add up in quantified value end up un a sum of monetary value. This value is termed wealth. This is different from income. Income is known as the flow of money. Prest...

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... degree is no longer worth the degree it stems from in fiscal terms.
With both a decreasing capability to move out of the lower class, and a decreasing size of the middle class, it has become really difficult for anyone on moving into the lower end of society to become successful in social mobility. The lower middle class no longer has the capability of moving up into the upper middle class of American society. On top of that, it is seeing its own class diminish slowly. Social mobility, the main component of the American Dream, has been all but eliminated at this point. It has been skewed as to the upper tier of society remaining the only people capable of stability and mobility within society. Income and property have both been skewed towards the upper tier of society. Hence, the American dream is one that is slowly becoming one that must be afforded and not earned.

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