Essay on Social Inequality And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Social Inequality And Its Effects On Society

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Inequality has different causes and presents itself in various forms. One form, social inequality, is inequality in opportunities and benefits due to belonging to a certain social group. These inequalities could include exclusion from decent education, housing, healthcare, or respect. Oftentimes, these groups are excluded for reasons that they cannot control. Some examples include race, religion, gender, sexuality, and class. These factors come together to create a person’s identity, and this is why social inequality is a difficult challenge to escape.
Various influences shape a person’s identity, such as culture and education. Culture can shape a person’s life through gender assignment. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles and behaviors men and women are expected to perform in life. This differs from a person’s sex, which are the biological characteristics that differentiate men and women. The subtle difference between gender and sex is that gender is culturally constructed while sex is biologically constructed.
Through the cultural construction of gender, children learn what it means to male and female through constant examples of masculinity and femininity. However, cultural construction of gender can lead to inequality between the genders. In a study conducted by Landers and Fine (1996), youth sports lay a foundation for gender inequality by favoring the successes of the boys over the girls’ improvement in the sport. This seemingly small example of gender inequality can cascade into different views of the genders that manifest into gender stereotyping and expectations. Men should not be emotional because that is a feminine trait, and women who display aggressive behaviors are seen negatively because they are not d...

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...s, entrepreneurial immigrants move to a new place in order to establish a business, and once they establish a thriving business, they gain the social capital to move up the social ladder.
Immigrants who are forced to move because of persecution, war, or natural disasters are refugees. In order to gain refugee status, they must prove to a foreign natural the real threat of persecution or physical harm. The Syrian refugee crisis is due to the Syrian Civil War that is making Syria an impossible place to safely live. Normally, refugees refer to people seeking asylum in other countries, but an internally displaced person can have similar experiences as a refugee but the relocation occurs in their own country. One example of this is the ethnic conflict in Darfur, Sudan, where millions of people were forced into refugee camps within the country or in a neighboring country.

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