Social Inclusion And Government Initiatives And Funding Essay

Social Inclusion And Government Initiatives And Funding Essay

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The term social inclusion may be used in a different context that is “related to government initiatives and funding”. The particular meaning, we will be discussing throughout the paper is individuals working towards making a positive impact on injustice issues and having all communities have a fair shot in society. (“The promotion of social Inclusion” 2 ) Referring to the University of the New England views of social inclusion and my personal perspective, I believe Social Inclusion is having equality for all people no matter of their cultural differences and having equal access to resources to help them to succeed. We cannot have social justice in society if we do not consider cultural diversity and what each individual may need to be successful in the world. Each culture had faced their share of hardships and experiences that shaped their personal values, morals and view of the world. Not forgetting the injustices each individual may encounter because of lack of food, health, employment, housing, education and security resources.
An example, of absent social inclusion happened four years ago on February ,26, 2012. The world was shaken up over an incident were an 17-year-old boy named Trayvon Martin , gunned down and killed by a watch coordinator named George Zimmerman. No one is exactly sure what happened that day. From the diverse forms of media outlets and articles we are full aware that another unarmed African American male was killed by bullet straight to his chest, with no justice.
Next example, of absent social inclusion took place On, April 2014 it was reported that Flint, Michigan city manager made a decision to save money by changing its water system. The city manager that was appointed by Republican Governor Rick Snyd...

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... duration of undergrad. I had many sleepless nights, but still was able to graduate and maintain good grades during my four years. The skills I learned undergoing my undergrad experiences such as time management, prioritizing and good studying habits will also assist me doing great in the University of New England MSW accelerated program.
Having several local libraries surrounding my area I planned on scheduling times to complete my assignments as if I was scheduled as a regular class time. In undergrad I had several online classes in which I earned awesome grades. Having previous experiences in taking online classes, learning how to utilize online resources and databases I have no doubt that I will not be successful. I will appreciate the opportunity to continue my education at University of New England and if given the chance I will put my best foot forward.

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