Social Impacts of Computers to Today's World Essay

Social Impacts of Computers to Today's World Essay

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Modern life is virtually dependent on computers and these points to the huge impacts computers have on modern life. Computers are used in many different areas such as in business, design, medicine, military amongst other a multifunctional roles. One of the greatest leaps in development of human beings has been because of the widespread usage of computers. In fact, the computer is the single greatest piece of technology in the 20th century and as such, they have been associated with certain social impacts. Modern life has borne the brunt of the benefits and negative impacts the usage of computers have impacted the world. The social impacts have been magnanimous across a variety of aspects such as; health, communication, social interactions. The usage of computers has enabled daily tasks and activities to be done in a fast, quick and convenient manner, changing lives completely. Simple tasks such as typing of documents, designing slide shows, music and art use computers.
The internet, an application developed to enhance interconnectivity of computers has led to widespread manifestations of the social impacts of the computers in modern life. Billions of people across the globe have access to the internet using it to accomplish different tasks. In fact, the internet has emerged as the melting point of different cultures in today’s world. Development of the computer and the internet has been the forerunner to the development of mobile computing, which has practically placed the world on its toes. This paper explores the social impacts of computers on modern life, and focuses on the benefits and the shortcomings. The exploration into the impacts of computers in today’s world is very wide and as a result, this paper will attempt t...

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