Social Impact Of Social Networks On Society Essay

Social Impact Of Social Networks On Society Essay

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Social Impacts of Social Networks
The earth has turned into a global village bringing the societies much closer to each other, and having a strong impact on the lives of individuals. Individuals all over the world are linked together through different sources. These sources are known as the social networks as they are connecting different individuals of different societies all around the globe.
It is a common thing that whenever two or more individuals interact with each other, they made some impact on each other. Likewise, when they use different sources (networks) for interaction, these networks also make impacts on the social lives of individuals. Communication, collaboration and the ethics are the main aspects of communal lives which are affected by these networks laying an importance on the study of social impacts of social networks. These impacts can be positive or negative depending upon the usage of these networks.
Social networks have gained popularity in the recent times. They have considerable social influence. In the modern times, most of new relations are formed, or broken, on the internet. Social media campaigns and social awakening are mostly done on the social media platform. The platform serves as a propaganda stage also. The mass communication and individual communication of the modern times is done on social media.
Viewpoints Of Authors
The psychology of social media use is complex. (Wilcox & Stephen, 2013) have represented a case where Facebook users were tested in accordance with their usage of the website. The study checked the users’ affiliation with the website and their attitude towards their real life relations. Studies have shown that the perception of self-esteem in self is associated with a person’s u...

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...n, collaboration and ethical points.
There is little dissimilarity between the discussions of the authors. Rook is more concerned about the health and care issues related to the social networking, whereas, Bowles is more concerned with the way of communication, collaboration and at the end using that for the ethical improvement of the societies.
In the era of globalization, communication has become a main driver for the societies to exchange knowledge. Everyone is measuring and analyzing the cultures across the societies. For this different means of communication are used by the individuals of societies like social networking. Social networking has both the positives and negatives depending upon their uses by the members. It is the requirement of the time that attention must be aid to minimize the negatives and to improve the positives of such networks.

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