Essay on The Social Identity Theory ( Sit )

Essay on The Social Identity Theory ( Sit )

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In the Social Identity Theory(SIT), TT, looked at inter groups relations from an identity perspective. They claimed, layered on top, beside and underneath inter group conflict is identity issues. Therefore, group identity becomes a psychological engine that allows us to understand how group conflict emerges. In this essay I will focus on 3 concepts SIT suggests. The first social comparison and distinctiveness are concepts which give insights about person’s psychology in his group’s affect on it. For gay people, it is obvious that they are not in a helathy place with these 2 concepts. After I talk about instability which is a cognitive alternative that shows gays that their relative position in the society can be changed. Later, I talk about 5 stage model which incorporates macro and micro to explain intergroup relations. I will highlight 3-4-5 stages with highlighting their macro suggestions.
In Sit, people categorize their social environment to be functional, and this leads to their social identity. One belongs to some of the groups(categories) he created and those groups become part of who he is. To understand how groups one identifies with affects him, one does social comparison, comparing his group to the other. Social comparison occurs many times in the movie. One example is when Harvey moves to SF and wants to join the Eureka Valley Merchant’s Association. Although he exclaims `We pay taxes`, indicating they are equal, his neighbor, the owner of the liquor shop clearly shows him that because he belongs to the gay category, he cannot join the association and the association would have the police pull his license if he opens his store’s doors. Another example is seen during Harvey’s talk with the cops after Robert Hillsborough...

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...advantaged group, rather than being based on their personal characteristics. Those who failed play a key role in bringing awareness to convince all members of the group that membership of their group isn’t based on ability and effort but discrimination. This is perfectly depicted in the movie. Milk, who was a successful business man when closeted but hindered by straight people after came out, became aware that it is all about him being gay and not about his ability or effort. He understood that he cannot climb up the ladder alone and as he stated many times, ‘it is about us, not me’ became his ideology. The model says in order to move toward collective action by the disadvantaged group requires that a large number of members come to believe that the ideology linking ability and effort to station in life is invalid. To raise consciousness, Milk started giving talks.

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