Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues Faced by an Information Technology Professional

Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues Faced by an Information Technology Professional

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1. Introduction
This essay will discuss some of the Social, Ethical and Legal issues that an IT (Information Technology) Professional will likely face during their career in the Information Technology Sector. Furthermore, I will talk about how these issues affect professionals and how they could approach these challenges to try finding feasible solutions for them.
1.1 Social Issues
When every IT professional starts their journey into the IT Sector, they are bound to come across social issues which will have to be dealt with professionally. One important Issue is being green in Information Technology. The earth’s resources are continuously becoming scarce whilst the demand for them increases sharply. Every IT professional should understand that power consumption does not cover the whole green IT spectrum. Recycling dangerous electronic waste, optimising/virtualising servers to distribute workloads, having a long term green policy, reducing your workplace carbon foot print such as the paperless desk and an efficient data centre-business continuity model; these are a few examples of issues that professional must consider as these issues all occur in the green IT world.
Another issue that an IT professional should take into account is the generations in the workplace. (Klobucher 2011) talks about how Generation 2020 is approaching, how these professionals will be connected, concerned, careful and collaborative. Generation 2020 is the time when there will be five generations in the workplace. The IT professional will face challenges such as communication and collaboration thus he/she should be able take into account these issues, be able to work effectively with the generation and become part of their network.
The IT professional shou...

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...ofessional reputation intact. This will create a strong IT world built on fundamental values.

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