Essay on Social, Emotional, And Cognitive Development

Essay on Social, Emotional, And Cognitive Development

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Through MyVirtualLife, I was able to raise a child and learn how each individual scenario affected its physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. These scenarios gave my virtual child, Gabe, a unique set of characteristics. There was a variety of different things that assisted me in making the choices that I did for Gabe. As I continued with the program, a few of the questions stood out to me the most. From the start I was asked about breastfeeding, eventually when he reached adolescence I had figure out how to react to his rebellious attitude. All the scenarios eventually emerged and affected his behavior and development at several age levels.
With this being said, Gabe was born a full week before he was expected to arrive. It was a very fast delivery, leaving no time to prepare. The first question was straightforward, yet it had numerous advantages and disadvantages. It simply asked if I planned to breastfeed Gabe. I did not fully understand how rewarding breastfeeding could be for an infant and a mother. I answered by choosing to breastfeed and supplement with formula, under more investigated I came to the conclusion that I should have chosen to only breastfeed Gabe. Undeniably, breastfeeding is cheaper than formula, and it helps the mother recuperate more rapidly after the pregnancy (Van Acker). Not only are there health benefits for the infant, but also the mother. It is simply a smarter and healthier choice; breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients for a baby and protects them against many diseases including ADHD and Leukemia (Van Acker).
Moreover as Gabe grew into early childhood, I received the news that I was expecting. After the pregnancy became more noticeable, I was left to face the inevitable...

... middle of paper ...

... methods of home treatments he was able to pay attention and progress in school. Thus, allowing him to succeed and be a brilliant student.
As a final point, I saw the entire process to be rather enjoyable. The variety of diverse scenarios was intriguing, solely on the fact that each decision could affect the virtual child in a different way. It gave me an understanding of the complexities that come with raising a child, even a virtual one. The most important thing that I learned from this was that my actions, emotions, and decisions can affect someone, especially a child. They need to be nurtured and assisted through all of their troubles. With an authoritative parenting style, I was able to guide Gabe through his rebellious adolescent years. With this being said, I gained an understanding of the importance of decision making for the betterment of someone else.

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