Social Differentiation And Social Stratification Essay

Social Differentiation And Social Stratification Essay

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Question 1
Social differentiation is a term that is commonly associated with social stratification. Some can come to believe that they are the same thing but they are different sociological elements. Social differentiation is just a simple way to differentiate between people within a society. The differentiation can be as simple as biological factors. These factors consist of things like age, gender, and other biological traits and characterizes. Social differentiation can involve differentiating people through their jobs. This differentiation does not put the jobs in order, just lists them simply.
Differentiation can lead to social stratification. The list of jobs can soon become a list that is ranks in importance. The ranks then determine the rewards that are received by people within the differentiation. The resources of the society are then unequally shared based on a person’s job, or biology characteristics. This turns into resources being given to those who have power in the society (Marger, 2013).

Question 2
There are many aspects to social stratification. Everyone in a society strives for the ability to gain resources that are considered to be important. Not everyone has the same chances, though, creating an inequality of opportunity. This can depend on the life chances that people have. Everyone has different life chances. Some have the ability to get a good education and opportunities. Life chance is based mainly in family that a person is born into. A child born into a successful family has a better chance of getting a good education and being successful as well. They have a better chance in the justice system as well, being able to afford better lawyers. People who are not as fortunate and have low incomes, gener...

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...elieve that they can do anything they put their minds to. This value ignores factors about situations, and family status.
Another important value in America is work ethic. It is the attitude that “if you work hard enough, you will be successful in whatever you do” (Wills, 2005, p.389). To be successful economically a person has to be willing to work hard and have a good work ethic. If someone fails, it is due to not working hard enough. Work ethic is a value that leads to upward mobility, in the eyes of American’s.
Equality of opportunity is an unrealistic value of Americans. Everything is supposedly equal and that anyone can achieve their goals and dreams. This is not the reality of the situation, though. People have different life chance and not everything is equal for everyone. Some are denied this equality based on things like race, or background.

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